Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Latex Station - Full Latex Suit Tea Transparent

This is the last of the "new line" from Latex Station in my wardrobe.

We started introducing those a while back, faithful readers will recall.

(Unfaithful readers can click here to read previous Latex Station posts, wink wink)

It's called Tea, and it's a 12 piece outfit, with a choice of black thong or transparent underpants-layer catsuit bottom.

The lace-and-latex corset is quite striking. You can wear it without the transparent catsuit top; it's a hair low but covers the nipples.

The choker, arm and wrist bands are a fun touch, perhaps unnecessary, but since they're all the same in different sizes, you can shuffle them around as you please.

The skirt is a neat combination of "fishnet" and opaque panels.

This is a unique outfit that will draw the eye anywhere you go.

lelo:Here is another fun design by Latex Station, a good combination of lace, latex, silks and fishnet.

The details on the suspenders are amazingly well done, almost a pity to hide them under the dress.

The lace panels on the body look like they took ages to make, time well spent i would say.

Once again it seems BAX patent ankle boots go great with all latex costumes by Latex Station.

Only problem i see with this one is that it will be hard to fit in at a tea party. *winks*

Name : Latex Station
Owner : Chill3 Mills


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