Wednesday, September 9, 2009

SHi Sexy Fashion - Pepper Short Boots

I don't have that many ankle boots, so it's great to find this cute pair from SHi.

They are not new, if I read the note in the box correctly (and that note is pure genius : one thing SL misses is some sort of date system on items).

And when I say pair, well. One pair is 186L$, and the "Big Pack" is 286L$ for six colors. Your basic no-brainer ;)

There's a neat sound control menu for when you fly, land, crouch, and so on. Load your sounds in, and they will play. The menu is on the usual right-boot click.

This is a great boot, with excellent texture and prim details like the straps, laces, and slightly ominous O-rings at the back (SHi makes a *lot* of bondage gear!)

This is another one of those see them, love them, buy them boots.

We saw these on one of the many well dressed guest at Twisted Orchid.

With most designers you can see the family lines but Sweel's work isn't like that so it's fun finding her name in the designers slot.

At the store we are once again amazed at Sweel's low prices and especially the six pack is something you just can't beat.

The freebie is still the lovely suspenders and stockings from the last time we visited, great for the reader that didn't get them last time.

Did we mention the big doll?? *winks*

Name : SHi Sexy Fashion
Owner : Sweel Honi


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