Friday, September 25, 2009

Which Cart?

So, you want to get yourself (or your pony) a cart - but which one?

There are a few different kinds. Most common is the "vehicle" type of cart.

The pony "sits" on a pose ball located between the shafts of the cart, then the driver (and possibly passengers) sit in the cart.

The pony uses the arrow keys to move the cart around the sim.

A cart usually seats between 1 and 4 passengers.

There are also multi-pony carts; these allow two to four ponies to pull the same cart, although only one pony will usually control.

There are now a few multi-pony carts that share the control of speed and direction between two ponies.

These require good coordination and teamwork to negotiate the trails of SL.

Less common is the "follow" cart.

This cart is rezzed by the pony, and the cart then follows the pony from a set distance, including jumping over obstacles or even flying.

They are easier to control, more maneuverable, and are much better at cross country carting.

Those are methods of rezzing and controlling the carts.

Here are the kinds of cart, based on their purpose and looks :

The sulky is the small, light weight, single seater cart used for racing.

A buggy is a more comfortable ride but a little heavier for the pony to pull.

A coach is much heavier, and probably better used when you have a team of ponies available... or one very strong pony. ;)

So which cart to get? Depends on the task, and your tastes. I got every model I could, but you don't have to do that.

I'll go into a little more detail about the types of carts in coming posts.

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