Thursday, September 24, 2009

Alessandra - Chain Hot Suit & Dress Pink

Alessandra is one of the designers who showed at the LFFW. While chatting with lelo, she made a very smart suggestion, and we pounced on it.

Recognizing (and stealing!) good ideas is almost as good as having them yourself.

She suggested we review the Chain suit and dress, not because it's brand new, but because it's her top seller.

New is great and all, but popular is also interesting to know if you're a shopper.

Hence, the not new but popular Chain outfit. It's fun in a bare, peek-a-boo way - not my favorite, as anyone looking at lelo and myself will have guessed.

Is it disco? A little bit, I think. Well, the eighties are in, this week. Pick one up and dance the night away!

For our first item from Alessandra we took her all time best sold item, chain hot suit and dress, which has been around for a while but still looks fresh.

As you would expect from the name you get two versions a dress and pantsuit, both share the same top, but give a totally different look.

The dress is ultra short and uses a nicely textured prim part to overcome the shortcomings of the standard SL short skirts.

The pants have a nice chain detail on the right leg, making them extra sexy.

The top doesn't leave much to the imagination but covers the vital area's.

Alessandra uses a very good looking texture which has a slight shine and a very good fade from light at the top to dark at the bottom.

Name : Alessandra
Owner : Alessandra Pinklady


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