Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Creepy's Fetish Wear - Rubber Demon

This is not a new item, but it's one that really caught my eye : Rubber Demon, by Creepy's Fetish Wear.

The base is a skin,which is nearly the only way to make a hood in SL.

The rest of the catsuit part is underwear : top, bottom, gloves and socks.

The boots are called Razor Blade. Don't trample anyone with those, you'll send them to emergency ;)

Three skirts are included, short, middle and long (and the long is *really* long) along with a short and long cloak.

The long cloak (worn here) is just amazing. There is a short one as well, perhaps for sitting on your demonic throne.

What else? Horns, nipple spikes.. you know, the usual.

A terrific outfit for Hallowe'en.. you'll be beating slaves off with a pitchfork.

It was high time we covered something by Sancho, one of the more twisted fetish wear designers in SL.

First time we saw Creepy's was in a little store in a mall, during the LFFW we once again saw his designs.

Mistress fell in love with the demon outfit, must have been the cloak i guess. *winks*

There is a nice little story connected to the cloak, when we got the box the long cloak was missing.

A quick tp to the store and we found Sancho there, he checked and found the cloak missing from his own box, 2 minutes later the boxes were updated and Mistress was wearing this long cloak.

Now that's good customer service.

Name : Creepy´s Fetish Wear
Owner : Sancho Watanabe


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