Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Squeaky Rubber - Baxton and Desire

Squeaky Rubber looks like it's stretched taut - the reflections are just really fun.

This is Baxton (the body and accessories) which you can wear alone, or over Desire (the black catsuit), as a great combo.

You can also wear Desire alone or as a base for other mix and match outfits... you know the drill by now.

So. Cool latex, unlike anyone else's. Low prices. Neat, cool shop. Nice designer. Go, go ;)

Here is another fun creation from Elisa, she really has her own style when it comes to her designs.

As usual with Squeaky you get more than one option, adjusting the look to your own preferences, i only wish she would make a better description on the clothes in your inventory, it's a bit hit and miss now.

The outfit comes in a multitude of colors, we went for barbie, or as Elisa calls it, candy pink, just love that combination with the black catsuit, i guessi'm a doll at heart.

The pink plastic hair is a must have for all the barbie dolls out there, that alone should be reason enough to get this one.

The included "shoes" are a nice gesture, but you better look for some prim shoes to complete this outfit, though those would cover a fun little detail on the soles of your feet.

All in all two nice outfits which can be combined into one great outfit and some great dolls hair, better run and get your own... *smiles*

Name : Squeaky Rubber
Owner :
Elisa Kumaki


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