Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hugo's Design - Amina Suit

Another big release from Hugo's, and we'll show them all to you in coming days.

We'll start with the Amina suit. (There's also a body version, to give you a little spoiler.)

I have the black/white, and lelo has the black/purple. There is also a black/red and black/pink.. and black/black. No, I kid, it's just called black ;)

No prim parts on this outfit, but the drawn elements look really good : buckles and rivets have a good 3D feel.

I like the variety : there are four different pairs of gloves in the box, for example.

There are three different tops : with sleeves, sleeveless, and sleeveless open (no breast covers).

As each is available in undershirt, shirt and jacket, they got numbered so they wouldn't have the same names, I imagine.

This makes the box a little confusing at first glance. I suggest making folders; easier to find things fast that way.

A great outfit, definitely up to Hugo's usual high standards.

Stop the presses this one is brand new from Hugo's design.

22 bits of clothing in the nicely designed bag, 25 items in all.

You'll be spoiled for choice with this one. Some of the options are quite revealing, so better try them in a private place. *smiles*

As usual the textures are very sharp and have a great detail to them, have a good look at the buckles and line on the back of the stockings, masterfully done.

The front is very sexy and the rear leaves some things rather exposed, this one isn't from the winter collection. *winks*

Have fun finding the Amina combination that fits you the best.

Name : Hugo's Design
Owner : Erik Hugo


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