Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Alessandra - Latex String Dress

Alessandra is one more designer we discovered during LFFW.

While she doesn't only do fetishwear, the bits of tight and shiny she does, she does very well.

I was curious, so with lelo in tow, I went to visit her store, and I'm glad I did.

It's absolutely gorgeous, with wide open spaces, a beautiful dome in the middle, and a cool little palm tree grove in the middle.

The sections are clearly labeled and easy to find - a good thing since she has so many different models.

As you walk in, the left wall shows her best-sellers, including the Latex String Dress we're showing you today.

The reflections are quite good, and I like the dress prim part. Better a simple one than none.

The back lacing on the dress and stockings is quite good.

Drop in and see this great store, and have a peek at the little mall surrounding it, it's definitely worth the visit.

Seems we are having a theme this week. *looks at her exposed backside*

This is a simple 8 piece outfit, complete with boots and a nice little bikini.

The boots show the age of the outfit, but the texturing is first rate.

The dress has a nice little prim panel to cover up the strange "dent" in the Linden clothes-layer mini dress.

The strings that give this dress it's name look great and i love the little eyelets.

The outfit comes in 9 colors (Black, blue, burgundy, champagne, lemon, pearl, pink, purple & red)

If you want more than 2 colors better buy the multipack. SLFF : not only nice clothes but also great consumer information. *winks*

Name : Alessandra
Owner : Alessandra Pinklady


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