Friday, October 16, 2009

PHD Racing Sulky and Tish Celt Race Cart

The Prancing Harlot Designs cart is a simple, lightweight one-pony and one-driver cart, designed purely for speed on the race track

It is highly maneuverable, and moves at a good pace of speed.

The Page up key increases the speed from walking, to a trot, and onto a full speed canter and Page down decreases through the three "gears".

The driver sits low and far back, keeping a low streamlined profile behind the pony.

The cart's lightweight construction and racing design makes cornering a little hair-raising - try it with a blindfolded pony if you are a true adrenaline junky.

This is a cart where the pony sits on a poseball to pull, so is not the best for rougher terrains.

But if you plan to race your pony, this might well be the cart to use.

At L$500, it might not be the cheapest, but it's a welcome addition to any speed freak's collection.

An alternative - and fairly similar - cart, is the Tish Celt Race cart.

It is available in a variety of colours; one color is L$300, or the 7 cart "Track Set" just L$900.

The designs vary, and I am still to pit the two racing sulkies against each other to see if there is any real difference other than the appearance.

So I suggest you check out both carts if you are planning to race.

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