Thursday, October 15, 2009

Maison Broceliande - The Corrector

Introducing the latest bondage toy from Maison Broceliande, The Corrector.

This is a brand new item - it came out yesterday.

It's a lovely toy, and the fit is terrific (see lelo's tips).

The lacing is incredibly detailed : there is a very good rope texture on the prims.

The polished leather look is what you'd expect from folks who love tack : just about as good as it gets.

For a lovely overview of the Broceliande sim, see this excellent promotional video.

A new toy from our favorite pony gear designer, though this one is more a general BDSM toy.

The corrector is a very good looking neck corset with a optional mouth guard.

It comes in two parts, the corset and the mouth guard, while worn you have the option to hide the mouth guard and the chin bar.

As usual the scripting is done by Standing Heron and as Yhis puts it in the notecard this is what brings the corset to life.

Next to the usual locking, muting and leashing options there are a few special possibilities with this corsets.

It comes with the MB sec-chain option so you can link your slaves to each other making a long chain of slaves for the collectors among the SL Dommes.

The chain anywhere option is very good and chains to almost every prim in SL and for the real bondage bunnies, you stay chained even after a relog. *smiles*

It also has extensive texture (color) change options, including the option to hide the bones on the corset, so even the most fashion conscious slave can match this corset to their outfit.

One final tip with this one, set your (alternate shape) to a neck length of 60 and a thickness of 35 for the best fit.

Name : Maison Broceliande
Owner : Yhis Khorana


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