Friday, October 23, 2009


One of the less common aspects of ponyplay is that of a saddled pony.

Despite the fact that it is not such a common sight, there are plenty that do enjoy putting their pony in a saddle and riding them.

SL does have a few saddles available for the ponygirl, and I intend to cover all the ones I know here for your benefit.

The most common, and perhaps the most versatile, is the Maison Broceliande saddle.

This pack actually offers three different saddles. one for the crawling pony (on all fours) as well as a saddle worn on the lower back for the upright 2 legged pony, or a third over the shoulder saddle option.

The pony wears the saddle as an attachment, while a two poseball vehicle is rezzed in world, the pony taking one and the rider the other.

The pony then steers the arrangement like a vehicle or cart, using page up and down to increase or decrease speed.

Alikat stables have their own saddle which works in much the same way but only comes in the lower back, upright two legged pony arrangement, with rezzable vehicle.

This handles much the same and includes a steering HUD which is copyable and transferable to the rider.

A new saddle i have recently found, which is simply a vehicle rezzed in world onto which the pony and the rider sit, is from Cupidity.

A few of my friends who have seen this saddle in action feel the animation is a little rough, and the designer admits that animation is not their strongest area.

Despite this, I think the animations look acceptable for a ponygirl who is saddled and carrying someone much heavier than themselves on their backs.

This also includes a novel steering feature : the rider has limited influence over the steering. The pony can either fight the reins, or follow them.

I am certain that there are other makers of ponygirl saddles in SL, but the above are the ones I have found and used, and so if yours is missing, sorry about that.

Drop me a notecard with details and I'll write a follow-up giving yours a mention.

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