Thursday, October 22, 2009

A-K Designs - Leather Trench

A lovely leather trench coat like this would set you back quite a few pennies in RL.. here's an example.

A&K has a line of them, with different designs on the back. The one I'm wearing here is called Skullish.

The prim sleeves and collar are excellent, and the shape of the skirt part of the trench is awesome.

Long coats should billow like that all the time in RL.

A terrific-looking, inexpensive addition to your leather wardrobe.

We cover mostly latex in this column, so any good leather find is a thrill for me.

Get ready to turn some heads ;)

Mistress saw this one the first time we visited A&K the first time and she just had to have it.

And what Mistress wants Mistress gets.... *smiles*

Its truly a great looking coat, fit for a leather goddess.

Mark the fun stitching on the back, great little details like this bring a coat to life.

Better take your time and little steps to adjust the coat as it's no copy and it would be a pity to ruin it while adjusting it.

On the upside, it's trans so great as a gift or when you ever might get bored with it and you want to give it to a newbie leather goddess. *winks*

Name : A&K Designs
Owner : Adrianna Marquez


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