Tuesday, October 27, 2009

WarDoom Shoes - Natalie Strapped Latex

These are the Natalie boots we covered in September in thigh-high length, but they're nearly unrecognizeable.

Be grateful these are SL only, because zipping them up, strapping them down, and putting in the fourteen locks would take a half hour ;)

The pencil heel is really terrific, and the detail on the straps, down to leather grain and edge stitching, is just stunning.

These are not the cheapest knee boots we've ever seen, but for the amount of work you're getting, they're a bargain.

As promised a while back with the new Natalie boots here are the first belted models.

The first thing you notice are of course the trademark WarDoom belts and when locked you'll get loads of nice little Abus locks. *smiles*

The zipper has a nice little WarDoom logo on it, though i find it a bit strange to have the zipper on the front of the boot, still it looks great.

The real innovation lays in the scripting of the boots, they have even more options as the XXL fetish boots.

Next to all the locking, leashing and chaining options, one little thing is very fun, as with earlier WarDoom boots you can hide the heels, but with these one that means that you can't stand on them anymore.

WarDoom offers the boots in their usual array of color, and with the new latex shine they just look lovely.

So run and get your own, while they are hot... ohh... boot like this will always be hot.. *winks*

Name: WarDooM Shoes
Owner: WarDooM Voom


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