Friday, November 13, 2009

Pony Places: Sala and Forum


From their "About" entry :

"Forum is a Non-Commercial BDSM Lifestyle Community and Home, member run with a: library, talks, parties, friends, dungeons, playrooms, tour, roleplay, furry, pony stable, puppy, TS TG TV D/s, Goth, Gor, walks, skyIslands, cuddle, ceremonies"

Upon arriving at the main Forum landing site, you will see a teleporter nearby. It's a neat chair style.

Destinations are ForumHub, Sky Hub, Library, Tree House, Stables, Hippodrome, FreeBi Island, and Palm Beach.

Take the chair to the stables, this will take you to an above ground stable area, complete with steeplechase, dressage area and pony walker.

There is also quite an extensive block of stalls for the ponies.

Numerous paths lead out of the stable block, taking you to yet more dressage and steeple areas, barrel racing and slalom areas and passing a wonderful Gothic building with numerous dance balls dotted around.

At the entrance to this building are pony troughs and leashing posts so you can park your pony and cart and have a little dance with a friend or loved one.

A little further on is an oval arena for cart races with room for many spectators reminiscent of a roman gladiatorial arena.

Opposite the entrance of which is a lovely lunge training (whip training) circle.

Walking along the perimeter of the arena, there are plenty of rest points to give your pony a drink.

And if you have a firm seat in your cart, a chance to sit on something different for a while.

For the more adventurous, and more energetic, there are ramp ways down from the pony fields.

Thankfully with a few places to stop and get your breath back, including at about the halfway point, a castle.

This is a 500m climb from ground to the stable area, so the rest stops are certainly going to be a welcome break in the climb.

And the climb, or ride down, is definitely worth it.

Some breathtaking scenery, secret cuddle or dance spots and benches or pony troughs show how well thought out the whole of Forum's Sala sim is designed with the pony experience in mind.

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