Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hugo's Design - Amina Body and Fashion Show

Well Erik of Hugo's Design is keeping busy lately, with a new release, and a bunch of events coming up.

We told you about his last fashion show barely in time, but we'll give you plenty of advance warning tonight : the show's on November 28th at half past noon, SL time.

This one is called "Fashion Assassin", and should be pretty neat. I'll pencil it in my busy agenda and try to let you know what I loved.

Astute (or regular - but our regulars are all astute, of course!) readers know that if I don't mention something, it's because I don't love it.

The Hugo Cover Model hunt is still going on, as well. If you want to enter photos, your deadline for this round is November 20th.

Until we get the new outfits (and they do look wild!) we'll finish our batch from the last release - this is Amina, in a shorter, bare-buns version.

We just had to continue the sexy theme this week so here is another sexy one, the Amina body in pink.

It's a simpler and i think sexier version of the Amina suit and the pink adds to that.

Still 22 parts in the outfit, mostly each layer in pink and black.

As before the texturing on the body is amazing and i just love the line on the back of the stockings.

So get a new sexy outfit and enter the contest....

Name : Hugo's Design
Owner : Erik Hugo


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