Friday, November 27, 2009


Often overlooked as this is considered common sense, much like the slalom, yet there is still a degree of skill required to get a good time.

I am assuming that most by know will at least be able to grasp the format simply by looking at a steeple field.

You have a start/finish line, and a series of fences to jump between the start and the finish.

As with the slalom, to get a good time, remove all unnecessary prims and scripts. Turn off streaming audio/video.

Walking across the start line will make the timer begin, then it is a simple task of jumping your way around the course.

Most courses have a smart script and know if you miss a jump.

Make sure when you do jump that you are inside the two outer edges else it might count as a miss.

Clipping a jump is a foul and adds a penalty to your finish time.

Make sure you don't jump too early or too late and keep your turns as smooth as possible to get the best time.

Walk the track one time slowly, to make sure you load all the surrounding prims before attempting to get your best record - loading new prims to your pc causes slight lag.

Beyond that all i can really recommend is that you practice. Nothing beats a good practice to get the lay of the field, and timing of the jumps.

If you have difficulty judging when to jump, imagine the fence is lying down, with the top closest to you, and the bottom of it remaining static, and jump as you reach where it would lie.

If that makes sense to you, you should do fine.

Good luck.

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