Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Divas - Ambrosia

Holiday season, little black dress season.. and while I love my boots, there are times where you want something a little lighter.

I dropped by Diva's and was greeted at the door by the owner and designer, Bigdaddyfr33k Beres.

The Ambrosia shoes caught my eye immediately : leather, straps, O rings... what's not to love?

The straps going through the heel, in particular, struck me as really cool and original.

(What's more, they're a brand new design : released just yesterday, so I had to pounce! )

As with any shoe that has more going on than "slip on, forget", a little help is a good thing, and I got that at the store.

Cameras Oh, Bigdaddy's business partner, helped me with fitting : size and coloring... we were done in no time flat.

I now have a cool code I can say on channel /888 to any Diva's shoe and match my skin color.

The Ambrosia comes in a bunch of wild colors : 8 in leather, 9 in bright colors (called shimmers) and 6 in glitter, a wild moiré effect you just have to zoom in on and see.

The store is clean and easy to navigate, and there's a wide variety of prices for the more budget-conscious diva.

Tell Bigdaddy Deirdre sent you ;)

Beware of the box these shoes come in, it's a special box which will keep you amused for hours. *winks*

The sandals are of the already very popular prim toes variety and comes with a color picker hud.

The shoes themselves have 2 menus in them : one is the resize menu, and the other lets you adjust some options on the shoes.

You can save 3 feet for your different skins or styles, there are 12 toenail options, the buckles can be made silver or gold and you can hide or show your toe ring.

Great shoes for the up coming party season... ohh and guys one small hint, a girl never has enough shoes... *smiles*

Name : Diva's
Owner : bigdaddyfr33k Beres


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