Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Armyst - Mallica

This is the latest outfit from Armyst, called Mallica. The boots are called the same, but sold separately.

As you see, they're color coordinated with the outfits.

The tops of boots have fun contrasting colors as well as the boot color itself if you want a solid look.

The belt is cool, but was a little big for me - nothing new there - so I didn't wear it in my pic.

The skirt is tiny on me, but looks fine on fuller hips. If there was non-proportional stretching on it, I'd lengthen it, but no go.

A cool little dress with a bunch of good variations, especially if you get the fat pack and the boots.

The outfit comes with a few nice options and so do the boots.

You can wear the outfit with a net inset in the side panels, showing some extra skin in the top, pants and skirt.

The net-stockings come in full lenght or thigh high versions and the belt comes in two colors.

The texturing on the gloves and top are great, i love the folds and sowing lines.

Moving on to the boots, which have the now almost standard resizing script in them, though this one has a new feature we haven't seen before, there is a simple pose in it so you can fit your boots.

And the boots come with 3 choices of color for the top and belts.

Name : ARMYST-design
Owner : Panjomy Ames


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