Thursday, December 10, 2009

Intellectual Property

We were recently enlightened about content theft by a well-informed designer, and boy was it a shock.

So we decided to share our feelings on the subject, and link to a few good resources we found.

Anything valuable in Second Life is the result of work. Lots and lots of painstaking work.

Someone knowledgeable, creative and patient spent a lot of time making that hair, those boots, or whatever.

They are entitled to be rewarded for their work.

Unlike the music industry, in SL, there is no fatcat distributor getting rich off the artist's work.

When you steal, you steal directly from the designer.

When a thief takes a copy for themselves, it's bad enough. They don't pay the designer, and get the fruit of his or her labor.

But when that thief turns around and sells the stolen goods, it's even worse.

They make a profit off the work of the designer, and the designer loses a sale.

How long would you keep working if your employer told you you weren't getting paid?

If designers get discouraged by content theft and stop creating, we all lose.

Support designers if you like their work.

Refuse to buy from individuals walking up to you in stores, and report them to Linden Labs.

We found a few good links for anyone who wants more information.

If you have more, send them our way and we'll add them.

Deirdre and lelo,
proudly supporting Second Life designers

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