Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Anima Temptation - Dolora Clavis RedPet

We received a very nice call some weeks ago from Diaperedpet Jewell, a faithful reader of our little blog.

Seems she had a number of custom ballet boots made by Adira Aeon, and she wanted to show them to us, and see if we were interested in showing them.

Well, between the holidays and this and that, here they are at last : the Dolora Clavis Pet series.

Pet is an avid shopper, and loves getting custom work done. We'll probably show some of her other unique designs in the future.. stay tuned ;)

Ok, yes, i confess, i just can't let a pair of good looking ballets go by... and yes do own a fair amount of them... still never enough though... *winks*

So let's give these ballets a good look : first thing you'll notice are the belts, two of which close with some nicely crafted buckles, and one closes with a cute little padlock.

The thing i really like about these ballets is the flat toe-box which makes them very walkable.

The ballets are scripted, giving you the option to set the sound level, turn the AO on or off, an AO with a very good beginners ballet waddle, and off course the mandatory RLV locking option.

The colored heel gives these ballets their name, it's a sharp stiletto heel which is red in this case, matching one of Pets many outfits.

And just new 6 new colors have joined the options for these ballets so give them all a look at the store.

Name : Anima Temptation
Owner : Adira Aeon
The SLURL : http://slurl.com/secondlife/Pirandello%20Bay/174/204/42


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