Monday, January 18, 2010

Kayliwulf Kingdom - Latex Gothic Vest Suit (Black)

Another delightful men's outfit from Kayliwulf, shown here by our favorite male model, Mr. Seph Ishelwood, who recently put in a serious work week at the Men's Wear Fashion Week.

I think Lazarus has hit on the perfect mix of classy men's wear and latex fetish, and all his recent releases have been hits.

In fact, since we've had a few good men's outfits lately, we've added a men's wear label tonight, and we'll be adding it retroactively to our previous posts.

Speaking of little things on the blog, you may note our new "Why We Blog" link at the top right.

Maybe it's a failing, but I'm pretty happy with the little talk we gave at Dominion some months back, and I thought hey, it's good enough to keep it handy for anyone who missed it. So, voilĂ , a link.

To return to the outfit (me so meta!) it's cool, with just enough detail to make it three-dimensional : the hat, bow tie, and black shirt buttons make it come to life.

The matching-colored socks are adorable.. just needs a handkerchief now ;)

Laz's newest creation for his fetishboy collection, which can be found on the first floor in the store nowadays.

The outfit includes: a vest, pants, shoes, a top-hat, a bow-tie, shirt studs and cuff-links plus 16 colors of matched tux shirts and socks.

And is available in all 26 kayliwulf colors and there are two demo colors for just 10 ls.

The shoes are just a shoe base but work surprisingly good this way.

Seph has it easy with his short hairs, no fiddling with the top-hat. *smiles*

A good looking outfit, add a good shape, skin and hair and you'll be sweeping the girls or boys off their feet.

Name : Kayliwulf Kingdom
Owner : Lazarus Luan & Daphne Goodnight


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