Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Bhadra - Rubber Doll Set

We haven't done a rubberdoll look in a while, so here's Bhadra's Rubber Doll Set.

The prim hood looks great, and the little flashing lights on the sides are a neat touch.

Maybe it makes slaves beep when they back up?

A great menu, full of fun options yet easy to navigate, is included.

Some clever choices were made : you click "color" repeatedly to cycle through the list, for instance.

A good-looking kit for beginner or experienced doll, and the black and white is a nice change from the solid black look.

The complete rubber doll set by Bhadra is 12 piece rubber doll start set.

In the set you'll find a plain white catsuit, a very good looking black corset and a pair of black gloves.

Next to the clothing the set includes a good looking full hood gas-mask with an optional long breathing tube.

The menu on the mask lets you change its color, turn on the smoke and breath sound (please turn it off in public places) and control the "hair".

The platform boots can be locked by clicking on them, first click shows the straps, second click locks them showing the locks and making them click into place.

There is also a rubber pussy string, but we don't show it in our picture to maintain our PG rating.

All items have a Masters note-card, in which you can write the people you want to give control over your toys.

The mask offers the dominant in control some nice functions, including a titler, an IM alarm and a blindfold, all of course RLV compatible.

Add some good cuffs and you are ready to be the doll you want to be....

Name : Bhadra's Fetish Shoes & Toys
Owner : Bhadragura Rodenberger

Quality 7

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