Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Coco Designs - BomberJacket (black)

A gorgeous leather jacket I saw someone wearing at Twisted Orchid.. just had to have it.

I'm starting to have more motorcycle jackets than a biker gang ;)

The level of detail is incredible : the prim pockets have realistic seams, the little prim zippers are perfect, the stretch collar, waistband and sleeve are just amazing.

In fact, there are so many prims on this beautiful jacket that the cloth layer jacket is almost unnecessary.

Even the inside of the jacket is detailed, so if a leather fetishist peeks at the jacket instead of looking at your cleavage, he won't be disappointed ;)

I love the white-and-glass look of the store.. clean and classy.

There's a smaller men's section across the hall at the landing zone - I missed it on our first visit! - called Coco Homme.

At the far right of the women's section is an assortment of beautiful group gifts. No cheap freebies here! Join the update group by clicking the poster, and the gifts are free.

Do visit this store, and give a long careful look - there's something good in every corner.

This was again one of those see it want it jackets.

After a quick inspection, don't you just love that option, we were on our way to the store.

The store is the definition of minimalist design, something we both love, and the layout is easy and quick to understand.

The jacket was quickly found and on the way we saw loads of good looking designs, clothes, shoes, belts... on and on all a good mix of cloth-layer and prims.

Coco has a unique gift-card system, you'll get a hud showing a black card, click on it and you receive your gift, very elegant, but beware don't try it before you give it away or you'll end up with a very nice addition to your wardrobe.

You can find the gift selection to the left from the LM, you'll find a pair of good looking leggings as a demo gift so you can experience the gift getting yourself *winks*

Ohh and when you are there look at what's on the roof, quite amazing, at least we think so.

Name : Coco Designs
Owner : Cocoro Lemon
The SLURL : http://slurl.com/secondlife/COCO%20DESIGNS/86/118/521


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