Wednesday, January 13, 2010

FJ Design - DMC Extreme (black)

DMC (or Devil May Care) is one awesome model from a variety of other good boots at FJ.

The straps, chains, buckles, and other assorted bits, are all sculpties - the boots are pretty spectacular to watch as they rez.

The leather texture is gorgeous, and the heel is excellent. I'm tempted to stop there, those are really great boots :)

They come with the nice resize script we're seeing more frequently now. Careful with it, though : a proportional resize for my slim legs means the boots got shorter, too ;)

The overknee part resizes independently of the calf and foot, which I think is pretty smart.

A note card in the boot makes an interesting suggestion : to ease lag around you, you may consider deleting the resize script after you're done with it.

FJ Design has a nice little store with a great selection of boots.

We followed the lead of some other boots we saw at the ranch, but when we saw these boots we were sold.

These boots would be a nightmare to put on with all those belts, one of the perks of SL. *winks*

The little black dress by drawmachine is a great match with these boots, or any other boots for that matter.

We really suggest you give the place a good look, it isn't big but the variation in design is large, something for everyone.

Name : FJ Design
Owner : Jareth McMahon


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