Friday, January 15, 2010

Male Riding Gear

Just to show I'm fair and not totally female oriented in my shopping, you guys can also pick up a few rather nice equestrian outfits for yourselves.

Mako Magellan offers a wonderfully detailed complete set, including I believe a hunting horn. Sadly, not having a need nor the male shapes, I haven't purchased this item.

Included are a traditional English red riding jacket, jodhpurs, boots and the detail is suitable to convince any pony you are the boss.

Weighing in at just under L$1200 for the whole set, though I understand the items are also available as separates for those on a budget.

Alternatively, E Watkins offers riding outfits for men also, and at a bargain price. Textures on the clothing are well put together and certainly create the look.

Riding jackets are L$300, jodhpurs are L$75. The riding boots are L$500 and look great on.

If the perfect English gentleman look is not your style, perhaps looking at some of the western based sims and stores can offer up a wonderful cowboy or ranch style.

There are so many to choose from that it's hard to single just one out, and, requires some more shop hopping to research :)

There is also the cavalry outfit featured a few weeks ago in men's sizes for a little more variety.

If i can find a rich, male volunteer, I will cover these in more detail. Sadly, this is something that isn't in my inventory, nor do I feel it would be prudent to get some.

Whichever look or style you guys go for, there is no reason us girls should get to have all the dress up fun, and jeans and a t-shirt just doesn't do it if you are serious.

So go on, get yourself some special riding gear to train your ponies in. Tell them Jaydana sent you. It wont get a discount, but it might get me a freebie.

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