Thursday, February 4, 2010

Nicky Ree - Dynamic League F Suit Blue

Sometimes we follow an item to a store, and find a better one.. that's half the fun of this little project of ours, finding the cool and unexpected treasures.

We had noted to look up Nicky Ree's store for some good-looking boots, but when I saw this outfit, I wanted it instantly.

Was it the cape? Definitely. But the excellent colors, and cool chest letter didn't hurt.

So here I am, mild-mannered blogger by early evening, and caped crusader with a lightning D on my chest by night.

The gadget belt comes with a spray can, so I apparently have graffiti powers of some kind. Cool :)

I think all it needs is a good mask - sadly we've found that they're quite rare.

There's a male version of the suit, and I should mention that the letters are a separate purchase from the suit.

I'll get you, Catwoman!

We'll continue last nights super heroine's theme with the Dynamic League F suit from Nicky Ree.

The outfitt comes complete with prim boots, belt and cape and a hand held spraycan.

The five layers give the cape an nice full look and she did a great job on the flex settings, making them flow nicely.

The use of lightblue, dark blue and black on the catsuit is great and what's not to love about the big D on Mistress chest.

Remind me to ask Nicky about the spray can... *smiles*

Name : Nicky Ree
Owner : Nicky Ree


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