Friday, February 5, 2010

Pony Awards

I had an inspiration recently : why don't we have a Pony Play Awards Ceremony?

Why shouldn't you, the Pony community, tell newcomers what you feel is the best bridle, the best sim to run about on, and so on?

Ok sure, I got the honor of writing this column, but, how about some feedback?

Just because I feel something is the best, doesn't mean you all agree with me.

Please vote by leaving a message here or sending me a notecard in world, and please, name the notecard Pony Awards else it will get lost in my inventory.

So, here are the categories - feel free to contribute if you feel something is missing.
Best Dedicated Pony Sim (please include a landmark if possible)
Best Non Dedicated Pony Sim

Best Steeple Course
Best Slalom Course (low lag, design etc)
Best Dressage field
Best cart race track or open carting track

Best Bridle
Best Tail
Best Hooves
Best Pony AO

Best Pony retailer or Best Store featuring pony items.
Best Cart
Best Pony RLV item

Best Pony correspondent :) - Well it's my idea, its only fair i try to win something.
Best blog featuring Pony Play regularly

Pony Trainer of the year
Pony of the year
Pony Person of the year or outstanding contribution to pony play
Any other categories you feel should be included - please let me know along with your votes.

And if anyone would like to volunteer to set up an awards ceremony, that'd be awesome.

If not, well, there is always the winners posted here in a few weeks. I might even see if i can find a trophy to hand out as an award.

Now, anyone know where i can get a limo pulled by ponygirls?

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