Friday, February 26, 2010

Pony Places: Island of Questionable Virtues

Questionable Virtues is a purpose-built island for ponyplay. And a wonderful one it is, too.

The whole sim has a Mediterranean beach side resort feel to it, and even the rental homes there continue this theme with good effect.

On first landing on the island, immediately on your left (if you land facing the same way I did anyway) there is a dressage field. Perfect to get right on with some practise.

Rental homes to your right and in front of you, and a steeple course just beyond the dressage make sure you don't forget this is a pony sim.

Head north from the landing point, past the dressage and you enter the stable area and slalom courses. If you are quick, my time is still on the slalom score board - in top place!

Now that I've said that, no doubt I will be bumped off the list in short order.

Next to the slalom are some pony walkers, and a bench in case you need to sit down - a great thought.

Some of the stalls in the stable block are reserved for pony residents, however empty ones are freely available for the use of guests.

Heading north from the stable, passing a pony wash area takes you past the entrance to the steeple.

Continuing along this path takes you past a door under a mountain to a small uncluttered dungeon.

Beyond this is a dark Gothic church and a training academy to help improve one's erotic role play skills. Nice touch and some people could really benefit from that.

(Green chat spamming genitals spring to mind?) Next to the academy is Club Desolation, home of "Pony slut Radio". How can you not love this?

A photo studio rests next door to the club and a little exploration to the south takes you to the market area with almost exclusively pony items, and then to the beach.

A quick elevator ride up the mountain will take you to the meeting place of the SL Ponygirls Club if you cross the narrow bridge, or to a lovely communal informal area to lounge in the sun.

All around the island the pathways are good and straight and wide, allowing for plenty of excuses to hitch a pony to a cart to admire the scenery.

QV is a lovely place to relax with your pony, I am just surprised the island is as quiet as it is. Though that is a bonus when you wish to relax or escape lag.

This is one of those sims you simply must visit.


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