Thursday, February 25, 2010

Places - The Little Shop Of Kink

A while back, our friend Kat Fetisov of KCreations called us over to visit her new location, a cool little mall called Little Shop of Kink.

We met the owner, Tess Whitcroft, and watched the place fill up with neat fetish and bondage stores... well, now is the time to tell you about it :)

The mall part is under the two main domes (which I affectionately refer to as "the boobies").

As a little reminder, KCreations' freebie boxes are there, with latex Tattoo Layer skins for the Second Life beta viewer. Kat is nothing if not bleeding-edge!

There is more there than just a mall, though. A nice teleporter sign post will take you to the places of interest.

An art gallery is currently showing some fun Golden Age bondage-themed comic-book covers, and some lovely black and white art.

A small, intimate dance club is available if you want to dance or sit and socialize. The decor is very cool and futuristic.

There is a little park/playground with a number of cages to leave your slave for a while *winks*

The Laboratory (a sky box 278m in the air) is perfect for doll play, and features some great toys.

A third boobie, the Bondarium, is not yet finished (as you can tell by the missing nipple). The name is pretty suggestive, however.

Definitely worth visiting.

Name : The Little Shop Of Kink
Owner : Tess Whitcroft

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