Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Shiny Girl - Thong Swimsuit Black

Well, when designers shove each other out of the way to be featured on our blog, I'll be pretty amazed ;)

In the meantime, we do get the occasional call by someone who's heard of us and who wants to show us some nice things. I'll never get bored of that.

So here's a lovely latex swimsuit by Shiny Girl, a small but fun latex store owned by SlavegirlPaula Masukami ("call me paula").

The store is around a tree - first time we see that layout. Good pictures of the outfits are displayed on the outside "walls", and the vendors are around the tree itself.

A word about the vendors : to get a color (or color pack) first click the little pictures below the vendor. The price will be spoken in the main chat, and you can then right-click and choose Pay.

If you fall in love with the design, there's a 28-color pack... be sure to tell Paula Deirdre sent you ;)

Good looking little swimsuit from Shiny Girl tonight.

The suit comes in both under and upper clothlayer so you can mix and match with tatoos and upperwear.

The usual joint between the upper and lower half hardly shows, mostly because of the smart texture.

A texture that is very good looking, gives the feel of rubber which hasn't been polished to a complete shine.

The cut is very sexy and just about PG, but only just. *winks*

Ohh, better wear some rainclothes or take an umbrella with you, seems it's always raining in the store...

Name : Shiny Girl
Owner : SlavegirlPaula Masukami


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