Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Restrained Freedom - Leg Binders

We were given the landmark to Restrained Freedom some time back... neither of us can remember who it was. We're getting old ;)

The visit was fun, as we ran into the owner, Katie Paine - bound and gagged like a true bondage bunny.

I was going to do the interview in gag talk and transcribe it here... but eh, some days I feel lazy, so I ungagged her.

The dear little neko's been making bondage toys for two years, a really long time in SL, as I will never tire of repeating.

She started for the best reason : she wanted mummification gear, and there wasn't any around.

After a couple of years of work, she has a very nice variety of bondage toys to show - they're all on display in the basement, do go down and give them a try.

A new dance club below the dungeon welcomes bondage lovers. I wonder how you dance in a leg binder?

You get a few freebies when you touch the group sign. And a nice little roof mall sells related bondage gear, so if you drop by, you can get a lot of different bondage toys all at once - bring lots of money ;)

Finally another RLV toy for your enjoyment, the RF leg binders.

To be honest when i first put these on we both were thinking they looked like weird belted legwarmers, but all that changed when Mistress locked them on to me.

When locked you get a lovely zipper at the front and some fun lacing's on the back, but more importantly your legs are locked together and you can only hop around... when your owner allows that. *winks*

The scripting is very complete offering the usual RLV options, loads of colors in leather and latex textures and of course the key and lock options that make these toys so much fun for bondage bunnies like me.

So a great addition to the toy chest, binding the legs in a much more interesting way as the usual shackles.

Name : Restrained Freedom
Owner : Katie Paine


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