Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Amilli Daviau Design - Python Boots Black

Lisbeth Cohen sent us the LM to this store, and told us Amilli had some "really hot boots", so we just had to have a peek.

The store layout is simple, and the new designs are right at the entrance : the Python boot, which we're featuring tonight.

The texture is excellent, especially the leather. The python print looks good too, I just don't own any python items to compare ;)

I love the ankle strap and heel chain : cool details that give a bit of a Western feel to a good high heeled boot.

Big invisiprims around the boot make it fit any size calf, and a good resize menu is included - make them tight as you like!

This boots are the kind of boots Mistress loves and i must agree with her they are pretty sweet.

In the box you get two versions of the boots: one in the color (black here, but there's blue, red, and brown) with python detail on the heel, and the other all in python, with color highlights.

The heel shape is great as are the buckles which are pointing the right way for a change.

The zipper on the back of the boot is well done and i love that little chain running behind the heel.

Fitting is pretty easy with the built in resizing script which has a nice little reset button when you lost track of all the changes you have made.

Another great extra is the walk sound that's included, this one you can just wear when you feel like making those heels klick, any heels you want that is.

Good fashion boot with a heel that makes it fit for a fetish goddess.

Name : Amilli Daviau Design
Owner : Amilli Daviau
The SLURL : http://slurl.com/secondlife/Manhattan%20Island/165/192/22


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