Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bhadra's - Sculpted Ballet Boots

We got boots in the mail recently ;) Well, nearly : Bhadragura sent us this lovely pair for review, her new Sculpted Ballet Boots.

They're lovely and shiny, and the heel is a work of art. Even the ankle and calf straps are shiny and detailed.

Dolls who enjoy training and gaining proficiency in ballet walk will enjoy the "danger" mode.

Mistresses who watch in dismay as their dear slave plummets to the ground from a seated position will not.

The metal ankle cuffs look terrific. Even the chain links look better than the average chain.

A good menu lets the domme control the boot settings, down to the laces color.

There's a tremendous amount of good work in these boots. I think lelo will live in them for quite a while ;)

Ok, you know i love them and i can't get enough of them, so when Bhadragura send me these it was Christmas all over. *smiles*

These are an upgraded version from the Mistress ballets we did some time back.

And boy did she do an upgrade on these, she not only replaced almost all the prims on them, but also added quite some scripting to them.

All the prims are better defined and look sharp, the adjusting still takes a bit of work but with some stretching and moving around you'll get there.

New is that you can change the colors while wearing the boots, there is a choice of black, blue, pink plum red and white.

With these you get an nice little AO which you can adjust too the confidence level you have in the boots. You can also select danger which will let you stumble and fall at random intervals.

The boots are RLV compatible as you would expect from a fetish boot these days.

Like Mistress says i might spend quite some time in these the comming weeks.

Name : Bhadra's Fetish Shoes & Toys
Owner : Bhadragura Rodenberger


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