Thursday, March 4, 2010

DV8 - Razor Girl

Razor Girl is amazing. There's no other word that fits.

The box opens into such a huge list, you'll make folders out of sheer self-defense.

Mine are : accessories, boots, extras, gloves, pants, socks and tops. (Extras are a habit of mine, and include the note and landmark.)

You must read Vasha's note. This is not just an outfit : it's an expression of a future-gazing, optimistic, interesting philosophy.

If someone felt really patient and wanted to mix and match and snap pictures, I have no doubt over 100 outfits would emerge.

The two choices here reflect some of the variety, but far from all of it. I just had to show lelo the folder content, and she said, oh, we must share that :)

One small example of how smart this kit is : the collar comes in a spine and chest version, both already fitted in place.

If you have a jacket prim or other item that gets displaced by a collar, you will appreciate the attention to detail.

The outfit is very reasonably priced, considering all you get.

You might know how we find our items, first we dove into our closets.

later we went looking for shops by keeping an eye on others we saw (yes we love the inspect option in SL) *winks*

As our blog grew in size slowly designers took notice of us and started contacting us.

But this one is different, DV8 was suggested to us by one of our readers, and we would love to get more great suggestions like this.

Once we were at the store, the Razor Girl outfit caught our eye, had to be the amount of outfits on the vendor picture.

As Vasha says in the included note: "Razor Girl is my vision of the ultimate expression of traveling light without sacrificing an ounce of style"

She even included a small suitcase in the kit. *smiles*

Name : +DV8+
Owner : DV8 Robonaught, Vasha Martinek


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