Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Kcreations - Calf Boots

Kat called us with some just-released, hot-off-the-press new sculpted boots, so we pounced - remember, you saw them here first ;)

They're calf-boots, with a nice clean shape and good heel out of the box.

They look typically eighties-styled to me, but that's just mama Deirdre's grey hair peeking out under the blonde Sirena.

Good heels, a nice shape with a wide-ish toe box that lelo loves (more than I do) and a great leather texture.. tuck some jeans in those, hop on a motorcycle, and you're all set.

These boots will keep you busy for years, yes you read that right years.

First things first though, the boots have an amazingly good shape and the texture really works great on these.

The next thing are the heels, the boot comes with 4 quick change heels, from a wedge to the shown stiletto's and there is a more clunky style heel.

It gets interesting when you select the textures, 22 in all to choose from.

But if you think that's where the color fun ends you are wrong, very wrong indeed.

The boots come with a HUD color selector very much like the one you might know from building in SL.

This gives you endless color combinations, with separate colors for the boot, the sole and the heels.

Ohh and one more nice little thing, they are copy so you can make as many color combinations as you like and add them to the outfits of your choose.

BAX better beware here's Kat and she is going places.

Name : Kcreations
Owner : Kat Fetisov


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