Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Rubber Kittens - Mistress Doll

When we visited Rubber Kittens recently, I was concerned that it was a ghost ship, sailing without a hand on the wheel.

Nothing could be further from the truth. A call to Luxette got us a nice little interview with her.

She has indeed been away for a short while, but she's back, and has a huge update under way. No date yet, but we'll sure keep you posted.

Today's outfit, then, is Mistress Doll. We've seen it on occasion at Rubber Room, as there's a nice little rubberdoll community building there.

It's quite an impressive outfit : heavy rubber enthusiasts will find a lot to like here. Suit up, and go dominate some rubberdolls :)

Don't get the name of this outfit wrong, i don't switch. *smiles* really i don't..

The outfit comes with 13 parts, including a shape for ease of fitting.

The cloth layer parts are quite good - i just love the black and red combo.

There are also a pair of prim boots included, though you might want to wear some good looking ballets with this one.

The thing that really stands out is the gasmask, which offers some fun role play options, including a hud that obscures your vision.

You also have the choice to see and hear your breath, please don't use it on busy sims, not everyone is into heavy breathing. *winks*

Finally there is a urine collection bag, can't say i'm a fan but it completes the picture.

Name : Rubber Kittens
Owner : Luxette Maximus


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