Friday, April 2, 2010

Pony Places: Marvelous Mane Menagerie

On first teleporting in, you will land on a porch outside a quaint Victorian era house. Yes, this is a sim with Victorian undertones, but don't let that cloud your judgement.

To the west of your landing point, is a visitor stable, so you can quickly get yourself into tack if needed.

Heading west takes you past a steeple course which rather uniquely, is not on a particularly flat part of the sim.

Beyond the steeple is a pony polo field. While exploring, you may encounter any variety of rubber or latex creatures, including puppies. This truly is a menagerie.

South of your landing point you will find a dressage field, and beyond that a little beach.

Further exploration to the east finds you coming across a slalom course and next to that a whip training circle.

Drifting north from there takes you to several pony walkers and a pony bath for cooling your pony after strenuous exercises.

The northeast corner houses a stable for the stable ponies, and littered around the isle are a variety of bondage and statue plinths.

Latex is a theme that you will see throughout this sim on busier times, but is a quiet enough sim usually to allow a shy pony to explore with confidence.

Lovely wide paths all around the sim allow for a pleasant carting experience, and are definitely something to be enjoyed.

On the opposite side of the house from where you land, there is a teleporting area, and I totally suggest taking a look around the competition track.

A sky field with a cart race track, complete with a starting line which can ensure every pony gets a fair start, more steeple tracks and slalom courses to run.

Definitely a lovely place to visit and well worth including in your list of pony places.


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