Thursday, April 1, 2010

Slave Labor

As we visited Latexia station recently, we saw a bunch of good stores we haven't covered yet.

One of them is Slave Labor, and as they are kind enough to leave some of their toys lying around for visitors of Latexia, I pounced on the opportunity and snapped a few nice shots.. lelo was kind enough to model.

The toys look good, with a few textures complementing the mostly metal look.

The designs are imaginative, and after a couple of years spent mostly in dungeons and bondage/fetish clubs in SL, I had to admit I was surprised to see those toys for the first time.

It's rather good news : we haven't seen everything, and we're still having fun discovering new toys.

Enjoy :)

Furniture for a change, it's about time we covered some of those.

Slight drawback are the fixed restraints which are made for the average SL citizens and not a 2.14 meter rubber doll.

All the furniture is RLV enabled so you can really lock your play partner to them.

She offers a lot of choice, quite a few are in the forniphilia range of fetish, others are more simple slave displays.

Of the 3 toys we tested on latexia the Boobcrusher is the meanest where the Laying yoke is a rather fun restraining device, the SL 2 slave sex cage isn't really use as a cage, leaving the .... well you'll figure it out *winks*

So great additions to any playroom, and you can test them for yourself at Latexia.

Name : Slave Labor
Owner : subgirl Magic


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