Friday, March 12, 2010


By chance, almost out of desperation, I entered a search in SL to see if I had somehow not noticed a new store or pony sim, and, imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon this gem of a store.

Unbridled seems to have popped up from nowhere. And it offers a few original items that impressed me.

And even more lucky, the owner was there working on a new product, which I am sorry to say, I interrupted for a while.

Mina Keng cuts an impressive figure, and was only too happy to chat, although was cut short by a real life interruption. Don't you just hate how that happens?

I looked around and saw a neat cage where the pony, once inside, has no option but to sleep standing up, just like a real pony.

Unfortunately, I gave into temptation and sat on the cage out in the store, and found myself rendered helpless and unable to escape. Pesky RLV!

Left with no other option, I cammed around the store where there is a pony bath complete with hand pump and poseball for the trainer to bathe the pony.

A breeding rack, with blanket for the mare to kneel on, and a stool for the trainer to comfort the nervous mare. A lovely touch.

Also in store was a smaller bath with brushes for the trainer to ensue the pony is clean. The obligatory milking stand, but with some original twists.

Also featured is a cart which allows RLV hitching of the pony, a selection of poses for the driver, including a cart horse whipping action, and a cage for a spare pony for those longer journeys.

Marvelous idea once more. And at a bargain price of just L$350, I couldn't help but get one.

So, go on, go visit and tell them Jaydana sent you.

Thank you to those few more voters for your votes, I will feature the current nominations soon, and include my own votes for those who are interested.

And yes, I am open to bribes. not really, sadly.

And one last thing before I leave you. EtherKye of Sugarcube is eager to recruit a female pony vocalist to records a few sounds for a new Hud. If you want to be famous, go visit him at SugarCube productions. Remember to say that Jaydana sent you.

And keep an eye on SugarCube this weekend, as there are some pony events with prizes to be had up for grabs.

Good luck!


  1. Not sure if You guys will catch this, as its an older post... but on the off chance you do, I'm somewhat new to SL, and very new to your lovely site. Great stuff here, really. <3 I have been trying to find Unbridled, but it seems the links are broken, or the store is no longer there. If you guys see this, any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you,

  2. Hi Ambyrlee. Unbridled did indeed move, as Cape Cove is gone. We corrected the slurl in the post to the new location,