Thursday, March 11, 2010

B-Squared - Black Widow - Mistress Outfit

B-Squared sent us this lovely outfit some time back, called Black Widow, and it's time to run it.

It's another of these multi-layered jobbies : 21 parts in the box, not counting landmark and notes.

The net shirt is absolutely gorgeous, and will probably be part of some of my regular outfits for a while.

The corset is available in under or overbust version, with the lack bra available alone - mix and match heaven.

All I'm wearing here, then, is on the bra and shirt layer, leaving the jacket layer free for you to complement to your taste.

Three different pairs of latex gloves, and some good-looking zippered tights complete the outfit.

An excellent value considering the number of parts and options you get.

You might recognize the B-Squared Buckled corset Blue-Black i'm wearing, as we featured it some time back. We just love to do pictures with both of us modeling.. so hope you don't mind. *smiles*

Bridle had moved shop, so better use the landmark in this post, ohh and i mean she transplanted the ruins of her old shop, so better get over there and spend some money, she really could do with a roof. *winks*

While we were checking out the shop we also gave the sim a look and it's worth a good long second look.

First thing that caught our eyes was the Dari Haus shop across the street. (For those of you who missed the story behind Dari's Haus, better follow this link.)

If you are still looking for the Dari box of (free!!!) toys it's still in the Dari store.

The sims Deadly and Deadly Drama are owned by Miryam Robson, who we met while looking around.

The sims feature a great little fetish mall, a club, a castle with all kinds of BDSM equipment and a nice garden on the north side of the sims.

Small word of warning, or advertisment.. Deadly is a strictly FemDom place and males are forced to be submissives.

Name : B-Squared
Owner : Bridle Beattie


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