Wednesday, April 7, 2010

AW Designs - Xonirated

Introducing Xonirated, from AW Designs. It defies description a little, but I do love a challenge ;)

It's not just a catsuit, it's not a coat, or a dress, although it has elements of all of them.

The base is a catsuit with science-fiction-y lines and swirls and cutouts, and cool fingerless gloves.

There's a coat train at the back which is semi transparent, and a cool belt with a short peplum layer at the back.

Xonirated is available in Venetian red (shown here) Black, Light Pink, Palatinate Purple, Midnight Blue, Snow, Gold and Choco.

Adrina also recently released a new line called Twaine, with more shiny black. Give it a look when you visit the store.

A fun outfit for your space-opera roleplays... get a bubble helmet and you're all set!

We have been on the trail of Swedish designer Adrina Welders since the LFFW in August last year, but bad timing and busy lives got in the way.

That is, until now. We got back in touch with her after all those months, and we are now proud to include a new label in our ever growing list.

Better watch out when wearing this lovely little number that you need to trim your pubic hair as the cutout is kinda revealing.

So revealing in fact that we had to place on of our little hearts to protect our PG rating.

Ohh one final question, can anyone explain to us why all those designers include nice pose stands, plastered with their logos, and make these no trans?

Name : AW Designs
Owner : Adrina Welders


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