Thursday, April 8, 2010

XTC Leather - Pegasus catsuit

The Pegasus catsuit, by XTC Leather, is an amazing piece of work. This clothes-layer-only outfit looks good enough to wear alone with some heels.

The textures are remarkable. The reflections on the leather pants really caught my eye.. they look realistic, as much on the red as the black.

The pants, jacket and gloves work as one layer. There are no underwear or shirt layers included - any accessorizing you do with this outfit will have to be prims.

There's nothing but gorgeous work at XTC, and maybe the owner was disappointed that I picked such a simple piece - but it just cried mama and I had to have it ;)

Xaviar was extremely pleasant and helpful, and we seem to like some of the same RL stores and models. (If you don't know it already, visit for the most gorgeous fetish leather in First Life.)

Drop by and tell him Deirdre says "hi" and "see you soon" ;)

Now here is a rare find, leathers we didn't know and just stumbled across in our favorite mall, Latexia.

The vendor pictures looked good enough to capture our attention, so we went to the main store to check XTC out.

And wow what a store we found, this one really should be in the SL tour guide, just a look at the floor is worth the trip.

After we had regained our composure, we checked out the clothes on offer in more detail, which wasn't an easy job, everything there looks great.

We decided to go with the Pegasus catsuit because it was the first thing that really caught our eye, but it wasn't an easy choice.

I'm sure we'll feature some other items by Xaviar but don't wait for our posts, check out the store you won't regret it.. i promise *winks*

Name : XTC Leather
Owner : Xaviar Thunders


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