Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Deviant Designs - Restrained Royal Ascot Red

A lovely pair of pony boots, these are the Restrained Royal Ascot boots, by Deviant Design.

While the shape is excellent, it was the texture that really grabbed me : perfect leather folds :)

We discovered Deviant Design on our tour of Latexia, and it was a pleasure to look around this lovely, well-laid out store.

From the (classy!) lobby, the boots are at your right, up the stairs.

While Deviant is not exclusively fetish, they have a very good selection of kinky footwear.

You can see the store blog here.

Tell Rosie Deirdre sent you!

Another pair of beautiful crafted pony boots, this time by Deviant Design, you just have to love a company with a name like that. *smiles*

These boots have a simple elegance, something you might have noticed we both like.

The folds in the texture look great, real life like leather texture.

The included menu gives access to the locking, the owner and the RLV options, again straight forward.

Next to being RLV compliant the boots also contain a tokon, lockmeister and lockguard script.

Fitting was quite easy, after lowering the boots so they touched the floor, the boot nicely fit my hmmm.. well trained calf's.

So run and get them, no fashion conscious pony girl should be with out them.

Name : Deviant Designs
Owner : Rosie Lavochkin


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