Thursday, April 29, 2010

Brushed Reality - Liquid Latex Catsuit

We've been sitting on those lovely catsuits for a while, it's about time to show them to you, dear readers.

Introducing Brushed Reality's Liquid Latex catsuits, a lovely collection in six colors : black, grey (worn here by yours truly), red, purple, pink (modeled by lelo) and black.

The catsuits are very good, and the reflections look quite authentic to me. I like that there is a good choice of open-ness to the zippers.

Lis is an artist, and obsessed with perfection like many are.

So, included in the outfit is a notecard explaining a cool trick to improve your appearance by editing the avatar_lad.xml file and increasing texture maximum resolutions.

Let me know if you try it and you see an improvement!

The liquid latex catsuits by Brushed Reality have a subdued shine to them, not the deep gloss you get with POC, just some nice little highlights.

In the box you'll find 24 clothing items, Lisbeth supplies all the cloth layers so you can mix and match to your hearts content.

Al the items are copy so you can use them in your favorite outfit folders for ease of changing clothes.

You can adjust the outfit from PG to XXX, just by opening the zippers, put it in your RLV folder and you can be stripped by your significant other.

She also supplies two options in gloves, full gloves and fingerless gloves as shown by Mistress.

Give her shop a look you won't be disappointed.

Name: Brushed Reality
Owner: Lisbeth Cohen


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