Friday, April 9, 2010

Pony Places: Foret de Broceliande

On landing at this sim, you find yourself standing on a raised circular platform, to the west of which is the Maison Broceliande store.

This alone is worth checking out of you have somehow managed to miss it.

Going east of your landing point takes you to a wonderfully landscaped lake, around which is a path, perfect for walking a pony, puppy, or riding in a cart.

The southern tip of the lake path takes you to the training and stable area, where you will find the usual dressage, slalom, barrel racing and steeple events for your pony.

Also nearby is the stable itself, which is an impressive building and can be bought in the MB shops.

In the southeast corner is my favorite part of the sim, the circus.

Sadly, a note at the gate says this is closed, however the tents and such are still there, and must be seen to be truly appreciated.

Outside the circus tent is a high-wire - presumably for the pony to cross? I tried it - and it isn't at all easy - especially in tack.

The circus is a wonderful idea, though small, and I do hope Yhis continues to work on this theme. Who wouldn't love to go see a ponygirl circus?

This is a beautifully laid out and well landscaped sim, and totally deserving of a visit from any pony enthusiast. I recommend exploring the sim fully

And while there, don't forget to take a peek in the shop - the MB brand also features a line up of impressive bondage items for when you take a break from ponyplay.


And don't miss this neat video for a good intro to Broceliande

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