Friday, April 30, 2010

Pony Places: Naughty Angels Stables

Rezzing in here puts you right in the middle of a well laid out stable for ponies.

The usual activities are here to keep any pony amused for some time, including pony polo, steeple, barrel racing, slalom and dressage.

All this is within easy reach of your initial landing. A selection of carts is also found close by.

The stable area is large, and the pathways are wide, to allow ease of carting.

The northwest corner even has a few pony freebies available - perfect for the beginner pony looking for a cheap way to try out pony play.

Close by the freebie corner is a large tack shop, and I would recommend browsing this for some new items that might have missed you.

On exploring further, you will find a blacksmith area in case your pony needs re-shoeing, as well as a wash area to hose the pony after a long run around the sim.

If you get hungry, you will find a burger trailer and a small coffee shop with outside table so you can snack and keep an eye on your pony.

Compared to some stables, this is a small place to go with your pony, but is a haven for those German speaking pony lovers in particular.

Outside of the fenced-in stable are ramps which allow you to go carting outside the stable proper and explore the neighbouring areas.

Definitely a place worth a visit for any pony enthusiast.

Remember, if you know of a pony place or item not yet mentioned, drop me a note-card in world and I'll feature it as soon as I can.


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