Wednesday, May 19, 2010

AtaMe - Night At The Opera

On our continuing exploration of Latexia, we were reminded of AtaMe, and decided to stop by the store to see what was new and exciting.

Quite a bit, it turned out. First, the store moved, so you’ll want to update your landmark or take an unexpected plunge when you arrive at the old location.

Second, it’s huge and quite clean and easy to navigate. The second floor is occupied by Milu’s tattoo efforts, and the first is full of AtaMe goodness.

This lovely outfit, Night at The Opera, is a gown with a combination of latex and lace, with long latex gloves and stockings, and a great little prim mask that I found easy to position and fit.

If you take off the skirt, you find yourself wearing quite a different outfit : a lace combination and latex corset, top and bottom in two layers each.

The corset is built into the lace top - it may make mixing and matching a little tricky.

The price is very reasonable - we’ve paid more for less over the years. But when something cries mama, sometimes you just have to get it!

It was high time we visited the shop of our dear friend Milu Laval again.

And it was worth it, she had added a couple very classy outfits including the one we are featuring tonight.

Milu goes her own way and has her own style, and shares Mistress’s love for masks.

Hmmm.. this feels like another themed week.. *winks*

So if you want to shine at the next cocktail party better get yourself into one of the new AtaMe outfits.

Name : AtaMe
Owner : Milu Laval


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