Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Illusions - Ebony Mask

We’ve seen Illusions masks around for a while, and I was always meaning to drop by.

I was not disappointed by the store. It’s a lovely open structure, and it’s very easy to look at all the gorgeous models and pick just the right one.

This one is called Ebony Mask, and first, it was really inexpensive. As in, “I’ll go back, rob the shelves, and give some masks to friends” inexpensive.

Second, it’s incredibly well made. It’s a very, very clever sculptie that will adjust to your face, and that’s all I’ll say. Can’t reveal trade secrets ;)

The masks are available from the vendor in male and female version, and in copy or trans version : copy if you want fiddle with one and keep a safe version or save with outfits; transfer if you are buying to give to someone. First time I see this from a vendor, and I LOVE IT!!! It’s absolutely brilliant.

So drop by the store, or mail Siyu some money and tell her Deirdre told you to do it. If nothing else, it should blow her mind ;)

Well this is one of Mistresses loves, masks, think she is hiding something? *winks*

As simple as these masks look they are rare in SL, and good ones like this one are even rarer.

So you can imagine Mistresses excitement when she found Siyu’s blog and later on the shop.

Kid in a candy store is putting it mildly. *smiles*

So everyone who loves masks or who has something to hide, get over to her store or at least read her blog.

Name : Illusions
Owner : Siyu Suen


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