Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Utopia Design - Pearl Black

Now and then I take a little note, promise myself I’ll go have a look at the store, and totally forget what I saw.

The result is often surprising... I have no idea what I coming here for, but I found these cool platform boots in a tiny little boot store lost in the middle of a pastoral setting.

The Pearl Black platform boots, by Utopia@Design, are what you see little gothettes wear with long pvc coats, striped red and black stockings and too much makeup. Well, the brave ones - those heels are wicked.

This is a boot with a very good shape : great attention to detail in the prims, great textures on the platform sole and heel, oddly, but a little plain on the boot shaft. Good highlights on the calf, could just use a few more of those here and there.

Here’s the XStreet link to the boots :

and to the rest of Elisabetta’s designs:

The third pair of boots this week, a nice pair of platforms by Elisabetta Hyun from Utopia@Design.

You can see that she used real boots as a reference when she made these, especially the heels and the rounded bit at the front of the platform really make these boots work.

She must have spent hours on making the laces on these boots and it shows.

With the boots you get a nice looking hud to control the sounds of the boots, a fun way to do it, but be careful that it doesn’t take the place of something already there.

In my case i was wondering why my radar stopped working, hey i’m blonde... *smiles*

The boots themselves have a resizing script, which i didn’t have to use, woohoo tailor made boots!! *winks*

Name : Utopia@Design
Owner : Elisabetta Hyun


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