Thursday, May 13, 2010

Adam n Eve - Anessa Black

We saw someone wearing the Anessa boots at Twisted Orchid (hey, I actually remember!), followed our nose to Adam n Eve, and actually found them without getting sidetracked.. a minor miracle.

The store is huge, and carries a lot of nice clothes, not just boots, and not just fetish.

The Anessa boots are lovely ankle boots, available in a wide variety of colors and textures - and the suede textures actually look like suede.

The pesky prim display bug reared its head when we shot the pictures. Here’s a side by side comparison, from 3 meters, and 2.5 meters.

Some might say that instead of paying millions of dollars to interface design companies, the Lindens might make things show up properly. (Repeat your mantra, Deirdre “They’re doing their best, they’re doing their best”.)

The Anessa boot top is open a little wider than we’re used to, but it’s a feature, not a bug.

Just wear your jeans a little less tight than usual, and you’ll make a cool new look work for you.

The cool wide ankle belt (which originally caught my eye) looks terrific, the heel is elegant.. this is a classy little addition to any boot-lover’s wardrobe.

Here's the XStreet link to Adam n Eve :

Our newer residents might remember Adam n Eve from the first clothes they wore in SL, look in your library you’ll find the clothes i mean.

I think that's a great gesture by a designer and just for that you should give the store a look, i promise it’s worth it. *smiles*

Adam n Eve is a bit of a maze, but they cover everything you might need for a good makeover.

Best way to get around are the Store maps which also act as teleporters.

I think we might need to return to A&E as i saw a good looking pair of ballets in the corner of the shop. *winks*

Ohh while you’re at the store give the discount department and the fetish corner a look.

Name : Adam n Eve
Owners : Damen Gorilla and Sachi Vixen


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  1. Thanks for the nice review Deirdre.
    The "prim display bug" you refer too is due to a graphical mechanism known as as LOD, Level Of Detail, which means the rendering engine calculates the distance you are away from the object and renders either the full poly model or varying increments of lower poly models. This is all super fine when the mesh being displayed actually has designated LOD models(high poly mid poly and low poly) but with sculpties and SL there are no designated LOD models so the SL engine has a good ol guess at the shape and has a blast at having a go at displaying it. For some sculpt models this is A Bad Thing.

    You can alleviate this prim scrunching in a number of ways...

    1 In Game go to preferences>graphics, set the custom option and whack the "objects" slider to max, ok and exit.
    2 Bring up the advanced menu in the client by hitting ctrl alt d, then pop in there and hit "Debug settings", a popup window will appear, in the text box in that window type in "rendervolumeLODfactor" and change the value to 5.0000 (depends on the graphics capability of your machine, but try it), then close the pop up.

    After doing all that merry dance, your SL Client should render sculpties at full LOD from a further distance from the camera.

    Once again thanks for the review and watch out for the launch of a completely new less maze like and more organised Adam n Eve store in the very very close future!

    Damen Gorilla